Avoid Realtors and Fees

Use HomeOfferCenter.com and Avoid Realtor Fees

The vast majority of the time, a real estate agent will charge you 6% of the sale price of the home just to sell your home. This equates to thousands of dollars, which can be saved when using HomeOfferCenter.com.

Avoiding Realtor Fees

Real estate agents typically charge 6% in commission to sell your home. These fees generally are for their time and their access to the MLS feed that lists your home. When using HomeOfferCenter.com, you bypass needing to list your home and paying for someone else's time by receiving an instant cash offer.


Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

It's not uncommon for a real estate agent to nudge clients into spending thousands of dollars on home renovations before selling with the goal of making their home more "sellable." Avoid the time, effort and vetting of contractors to renovate and sell your home quickly with HomeOfferCenter.com. Start your immediate quote here today.


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